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Claire Bennet
13 February 1989
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Claire Bennet was born in Texas. Her parents are Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordan. Meredith cared for Claire alone for 18 months until one day they were caught in a house fire. Both were presumed dead. Baby Claire was found by Mr Bennet's workers and he was told to take her home and care for her like a daughter. Meredith, however, also survived the fire as she is able to generate fire from her bare hands, possibly stopping it burning her, too. Claire was brought up in Odessa, Texas by Noah Bennet and his wife. She has a brother, by the Bennets, Lyle. Her childhood best friend was Jackie Wilcox. Heroes season one starts as Claire has become a cheerleader, and also discovered her own regenerative power, which enables her to recover. She and her new best friend Zach tape this on a video camera. With her regenerative power, many things happen to her. She 'dies' after being pushed down onto a piece of wood by the quarterback, she wakes up during the autopsy once the wood is removed from her head. Saved from Sylar at her homecoming by Peter Petrelli, who she will later find out is her uncle. She is shot by Officer Matt Parkman in an attempt to assuage Ted Sprague, the nuclear man, to keep him from killing her mother, as she is able to regenerate she tells Matt to shoot her instead. When Mr. Bennet's boss finds out that Claire has developed a power, Mr. Bennet sends her off with 'the Haitian' in order to protect her, however she ends up in New York City, where she tries to stop Peter from blowing the city up after he absorbs Ted's nuclear power.

In the second season she moves to Santa Clara, California and changes her name to Claire Butler were she has to keep a low profile so the company does not find her, but all goes wrong when a boy from her new school sees her cut off her little toe and it grows back.
- from imdb.com

Claire is used for RP in thetenspot & muses_gonewild
-In thetenspot she is relatively canon without much straying unless I get bored.
-In muses_gonewild she is all over the place. Some reponses will be canon and some will be AU. All will be marked as somewhat of an explanation so as not to confuse readers. If there are any.